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I am 65 and diabetic.Two of my relatives recovered last week but two died. I thought my retirement would mean,at last, time enough for theaters, cinemas and restaurants. I made my assessement and they're not worth it.

Jacques Rene - I'm younger than you, but I've made the same assessment. I know someone my age who's had it, and has experienced serious complications afterwards (brain fog type stuff). Plus my parents are getting older, and I need to minimize my COVID exposure so that I'm able to visit them.

I think it's important to manage risk - for example, I'd say the benefits of allowing kids to run around outside in parks and playgrounds outweigh any slight increase in COVID risk - and one could argue that we're not managing risk very well. But my point here is just that no matter how much the economy opens up, there are a lot of people like you and me who are going to say "er...no thanks" - and collectively we've got a lot of purchasing power.

Frances:our purchasing power goes mainly to services, not goods. I've got all the suits and ties I'll ever need,if I ever wear one again (will my uncle funerals be permitted, those of one of my aunt who died last winter (not Covid) were held with only 10 persons).
I blanketed my appartement main wall with what I call a "Space Command" of four new TV screens. I thought it would be a major purchase but the price of modern electronics is so ridiculously low, it may be not worth the trouble locking my door and certainly not the the time of burglars and fences...


I am currently watching Radio-Canada "Enquêtes", the subject being retirement homes. If that doesn't terrorize you about the amount of money you'll need in twenty years and lead you to stop consuming anything now just to be able to stay alive then,you're made of sterner stuff than me...

I estimate the Covid personal health loss of $10000 for someone under 50 and $50000 for someone over. It is also bad form for other pandemics and disasters to ignore this one. I prefer software "human trials". Right now liver function isn't estimated for an individual using ECMO and ventilators

That is, weight is the input to the machine, not liver volume or some sort of imaged liver efficacy metric; the interface should be extensible. Opening up the economy at warmer temperatures, or at a lack of ER volume maybe around Valentine's Day, is a choice. For virtual humans, I am conceptualizing a nanoparticle arranged like a honeycomb; the comb is red blood cell coatings, and the cells are an unknown substrate that causes the PFToxin to adhere or be reacted. The cell is somehow exfoliated (perhaps using an MRI) and the underlying RBC coating is exposed to sop up more toxin. Here, toxins are unsafe as are some nanoparticle substrates. The existing FDA preference for known safety is blind and maybe challenge Trials would be reasonable.

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