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Levelling up experience points is kind of boring after a dozen hours. In FF1 you need to spend your change on the wooden sword to save an hour of this; it is fun while you are learning these niche strategies. The Matsusaki sword can be carried by a ninja who you don't need to similiarly constantly re-equip. The 1989 Hockey Simulator makes you cycle through each NHL game to simulate each NHL game. But a board game taught me the value of VTOL fighters in getting to a land front. When you stare at an office built after the Art-Deco designers went to war, you are poor. Art Deco puts you in Chivalric Times. I am learning it isn't the AI code so much as the media of a game that offers the ability to serve it up for mature adults. You want game dialogue like the Cuban Crisis, Apollo 13, Fukushima's Spitzer and the GE-guy, along with pleasing natural scenes that resemble Southern Africa a few million years ago. You've defined money as success: they will be wiped right out in any disaster more severe than COVID-19; every single flat tax rate proponent is soft outside the game. I like The Black Destroyer dialogue with a player chiming in whether to keep, release, or kill kitty.

...VR is missing a lack of nausea. There will be much solved; gaze-tracking can help you draw detailed objects around where you look. But there will still be some basic nausea inducing parts for some people unless things like scroll speeds are better to the CGI Superman destruction of his homeworld R.Crowe scene, pan-rate. I'm trying to visualize the effect of a nano-sponge soaking up toxins, but the toxins being damaged in the process and the debris cleared. A flour-mill composed of two rotating nanomachines and each grinding stone the active surface that mimics our cell membranes being breached, doesn't have enough binding-site surface area. VR may make me ill whereas using a 2D game engine with free source code, I could program some basic Young's Modulus limits of whether I am to use protein or lipid or iron mill-stones to shear a bonded toxin. Cruise used a 2D flat interface to scroll through video of an open door, would the same scene using a holographic view instead of flat screen, make him sick? It matters enough that quality be used to now to attract useful future games. The ethics of Passchendaele's lead's PTSD and Heat's Pacino's broken family, have only been translated into video game juvenile characters to date. And it is fun to battle a preferred battle and ideally incrementally make it harder. I leveled up right past metal slimes my last system. Now, I would be ready for realistic monster psychologies, the goal to ally with utilitarian pragmatists and technical experts in the game (knights and infantry are okay easy heroes). The smell of mist isn't there yet, neither is the actual mist spray.

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