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Between when a patient becomes sick enough to need rest, and when IC is required, seems key to me. An IV. Generally, specialists are needed for this disease. IDK the ideal doctors compositions during coronaviruses/pandemics, versus business as usual. The idea is to buttress these networks, and to measure spending and opening up by the strength or weakness of these networks. For now.
A self-administered IV is possible. If a disease is signaling mitochondria away from it trapped in a cell (vacuole), we need artificial mitochondria. If it is a stroke risk, we need better imaging of how the infection changes vascular structure. Paid testing of theranostics R+D would take the economy to a fewer pandemics situation. Nothing microbiology, but more precise tools win the future economy and healthcare. It is clear, pre-existing conditions are to be treated/cured to have a better pandemic response. Neuroimaging folds into this rubrick too; magnetic particles. And you cannot go too fast here, but ventilators could've been Ancient Greek. Many airplane engineers can design better hospital airflow and filters; is healthcare.
These future treatments will be too expensive and individual health risky for public healthcare and a conservative FDA. How much money has gone into the NSA and CSIS?!

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