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Isn't this consistent with the "half your age plus 7" rule for dating ranges for me? General following of this rule would increase the cohort size effect, I think.

Linda, absolutely! I didn't particularly want to go there, but I was thinking of that rule as I was writing this. So 46 year old men can look for partners as young as 30, 30 year old men look for partners as young as 22, etc. US data has precise ages rather than age categories (it is unbelievably easy to work with!) so it would be quite easy to work out the size of the potential partnership pool using the American Community Survey, say (did I say how easy US data is to work with? That's the subject of another blog post!).

Were there similar but reversed outcomes after WWI and WWII?

Linda, I have an idea for how I might be able to get at that, but it'll involve having a day or so to nerd out with data and graphics. CCHS/GSS doesn't go back that far. Instead, I'm thinking of using Census data to figure out what's happened to distribution of the husband/wife age gap. Could also look at the portion married, too - that would be an interesting indicator. (Though since I'd have to learn the basics of R, ggplot and gganimate to do this, it might be a week or so of nerding out. But it would be totally worth it!)

The USA got more conservative under W and Trump. If you look at their Presidential candidates, it is all about the rent income you get with age. Here, the Conservatives lowered the age of consent. When I was in Windsor, I walked right by a High School on my favourite shopping/river walk of friendly women/girls I would've otherwise talked to, the last time I had my own place.
In the late 90's, you could buy a house in Winnipeg for $10000 and rent was as cheap as $270/month in 2000 or one week of pay. The last cheap rent I had was 2011; it is why Nicholson knows non-heteros generally take the hateful easy way out in high rent cities like SF, Vancouver, NYC, Toronto; it is the opposite of the Scottish Enlightenment where you get rent for being ethical and a good soldier and act sane. During the Cold War, you believed in things other than income in the USA. The effects are fading as Al Qaeda isn't an existential risk (getting lazy is the reference, it is not excellence to work but looking for a good partner is requiring practise) like USSR was.
There is more entertainment. The main issue is the housing stock is in smaller communities and immigrants like to go to 3 cities in Canada.

...to give an example: in 1999, I would've had my own place and learned autoCAD enough for a middle class job leading to a portfolio with commodities in it. In 2010, I would rent a room and consider school leading to an animation job in 4 years, with money to date efficiently. In 2020, I've spent 2 hours trying to remember how to make a simple block on a streaming game engine. I cant afford bus fare let alone the top of the line software I bought in 1997. Dating is not an issue when people act as if this is some sort of education how the universe should not be run.

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