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Oddly, I read this post right after reading another blog post on rent

The overlap struck me with considerable force.

I can see the similarity /overlap in the rent (or added-value) being taken by one group at the expense of another group or society. This equity issue will become more pronounced with the development of artificial intelligence if governments don't adopt smart workforce training and wealth redistribution policies.

In health care, you are often dealing with technological change that vastly increases complexity and the required skill to perform the work. Bigger teams need to share more information and require more training. In your taxi example, technological change simplifies the task of moving people; the requirement used to be great knowledge of local geography and traffic patterns, but now, no training is actually required to do the job.
Perhaps in order to compare apples to apples, one must first classify the overall effect of the technological change.

Both industries appear pre- but on the road to being revolutionary. With taxis I see manned air travel as a useful innovation. I view economic shocks as more likely and/or more severe in the soon context of robotic hacking. In the context of Uber the manned taxi industry will have a dual use civil defense purpose and be counter-cyclicial in that people can fly to cottage country bases.
For health are, innovation seems trapped by equality as the goal, instead of better health care for better people. Continuing beyond psychology treatment for ailments means acquiring good disaster response and technology handling psycho-attributes; I suppose neuri-imaging inventions could be approved more quickly if cancer is not an issue. The media part is advancing fast, ie. display technology mirrors the electronics industry innovation curve.

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