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A handful of expenditures are maybe 2/3s as important as other are and are maybe < 20% of existing expenditures.
Given neuro-imaged gvmt and key private sectors, individuals matter more; it will soon be more important for key individuals to be available to be elevated than it will be democratic diffusion of competency as has occurred since the Cold War ended. Ethics applied to tech can be measured but it is a few handfuls of individuals to chart.
The sectors that matter are: 1) MRI manufacturing, RF coil manufacturing (with a laser behind wavy CNTs to image magnetic thinking), and using entangled SPECT at infrared wavelengths. Other expenditures are useful but for example, CT causes cancer.
2) Mental health dangers of immersive realities once nausea isn't a problem. Trains the elites as well as will exacerbate uneducated voters in democracies.
3) Neurobiometrics as a barrier to varying levels of info access. This helps stop hacking, which is the point of quickly porting to neuro-imaged gvmt.
IMRIS left Canada. 3D modeling in Oshawa would easily make technicians who could work with imaging charts. Canon has a branch plant. And then exporting the excellence.

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