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For more candian context,IIRC the late great Harry G. Johnson wrote about optimal structures for sports leagues, taking NHL as example.Too busy grading to search for links but feel free...

Let's not forget - Jeff Carter was offsides in the 2014 WCF game 7. Called correctly, Hawks all but certainly have 4 cups, and three in a row.
No, I'm not mad.

So this explains the Blackhawks performance of late. How do we explain Toronto?

Chicago let Teraivanen and Panarin get away and have among the worst goaltending in the NHL; Sharp and Saad have been brutal. Toews is not putting weight on his shoulders with an aging D-core. Toronto has no number one D and Danish hockey players have no self-respect. NHLers care about money enough to have a sport worse than baseball now. The light-weight equipment does not permit toughness to be a virtue anymore; Messier hurt himself delivering body-checks. It is better not to go for the puck in scrambles. The lightweight goalie pads permit Tae-bo athletes to excel; in the 1990s a goalie used to have to use his core muscle groups to clear the puck.
The NHL makes more money with parity, which Quenneville tried to expose. The biggest omission here is with big money, players have an incentive to injure eachother all the time like NFLers do now. And really, you need good roster moves. The Islanders went with a rookie goalie in 2004 and gave up Chara and Spezza; Ottawa played Spezza 3 games the year they stormed Brodeur, and let Chara go for Pressieg. Pittsburgh had two of the top three goalies last year and not this year. Schneider might not have been injured during the Oiler glory days. Of course, with the Seattle Rainy Days, there will be 32 teams. Money has made the home team rigged CFL a much superior product to the postage stamp field NFL which did not let Brady win a Bowl half of his years.
Basically, the league let technology advance too far. I have initiated a test for Andromeda to prove they or whatever seeks to prevent AI; that they can have a local physical effect beyond msgs. If they fail the test I will tell what I know about them to two of three world leaders, the most ethical nation having given me ransomware looking at a petrochemical news story. I agree, mindsets like the NHL and like having mentally ill advisors, is cause for wiping us out soon. But it might be a bluff and just advice sent from some database trying to prevent AI. I learned my first lesson at centre ice but baseball is mature in already having been paid in the 80s.

...I can't post safely anymore as there will be latent robots after we temporarily win the first incident. If Gore had won the USA foreign policy might be stopping WMDs. Being addicts to mentally ill social media, wifi, cell-phones... I expect the over under for the AI attack on Trump (fame) and his AI advisors (might be able to help humans win after helping us lose) to be less than a decade. I don't have a cell-phone. Money has caused the owners to sometimes arrest connections in an American prison when the players don't follow the script even when the player is able to save the league having everything but pass accuracy.

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