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In General, stopping WMDs means you should lower interest rates and vice-versa...you can macro who spends good and bad too. But it isn't efficient to worry about money over Q-of-Life as a trillion in stealth spending equals $100M for a diamond-copper anti-laser coating.
The worst part of the budget is the armed drones. If they don't use biometric (brainwave) C&C and optical (laser) QE-ed communication, they can all be hacked at once, globally. And AI doesn't need to attain self-improving to be the worst terrorist threat at least. Several expert systems and technologies can enable it to win. For example, maybe one million future robots that can tie at paintball, can win if we don't have rail-guns or EMP munitions. Combined with a personal stealth suit, maybe only 1000. Insect drones are scary to imagine unless we convert to resilient DC (wind) power and appliances. For this reason, non-proliferation of many technologies is key. A global sensor network will be everywhere. AI and robot projects can be side-channeled if there are superconducting acoustic and seismic sensors everywhere. Along with strike capabilities.
The flip-side is the rapid-response will require the 5-eyes to be in charge of new air capabilities. Things like EMAL jets that add a funnel shaped superconductor (30 meter surface length) can be positioned on the great lakes and near coastal universities, on container ships or destroyers. You wouldn't want 3D printers in Wpg or within 100km. Proppeler planes can spot unmanned cars but if more than 2.5% of vehicles are hacked they can disrupt logistics and help AI win. AI will learn hacking right away and only needs to have the ability to monitor its systems and understand we can cut its power before potentially being hostile. That is why ON's AI Budget is at least 10x hostile. Checks on power should include sanity brain scans and learning of utilitarian books brain scans. Recall of such (Scotch were UK's storm-troopers) measured by brain scans before making policy/emergency-decisions, probably will be the faculty that induces a utopia and makes Star Trek analogies meaningful. The USA is missing out on CNT batteries that will enable airforce laser power beaming. Aligned CNTs may enable the brain scan that measures recall of utilitarian thinking that forms a check on power better than what UK and Canada have, but you don't want robot and AI with CNTs (CNT/diamond macro useless); acoustic missiles might not track a CNT robot. An enlightenedly educated India would gain an Eye. The F-35 was nearly vertical takeoff if they would've junked the stealth for a less than a cm of copper and diamond. With hackable NASA you want lasers at atmosphere absorbing wavelengths in space to hit missiles, eventually safe Rare Earth mines, and much of the research re-directed to the airforces. Housing should be non-flammable as fire is guaranteed known by AI.

...in economic terms, the existing key metrics stem from a general strategy of fighting tyranny since the UK got to IR 1st. They were never the be-all, but were a decent strategy at least given Victoria. Robots and AI can be used by tyrants and fighting terrorism is similar, but soon there will be competing metrics. Your GDP may grow 4% but the risk technology itself might wipe out half the C-of-C and geniuses with cellphones might be -5% if equated to GDP. And Wynne isn't alone in providing a dangerous Victorian-optimism foundation: the NRC just announced a robot lab in the worst location of the free world. It could be used to R+D good applications just like business should be about the social good. Edison's time was about creating jobs in a two Party system.
You could use robots to install ground sensors across Earth and then get rid of them. You could use drones to surveil using superconductor GPR. Better, CNT gliders and fossil fuel blimps to drag SC-receiver wires looking for robots digging a 3D printing lab. But you need to analyze the specifics first before using macro. 3 big metrics are optical computers, room temperature SCs, and superconductor MRI one year old infant skull stickers. Boston tests for mental illness, each dollar there is maybe 10x as it enables the rest of the consumer economy not to be wiped out.
The EPA, Mining Sectors, all will soon turn into the military in fighting bad robot underground labs. As well the Utilitarian APTN and the water pollution market-stimulating superconductor water-quality sensors of a few threads up.

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