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This is excellent advice. And no, it is not obvious unless you are already initiated to this.

Please don't take this the wrong way, this is basically "Marketing 101" (or even a prerequisite to it), which I personally learned much too late in my own life. It *may* have helped to include something related to "audience awareness" (for lack of a better term). Rephrasing with that context:

(1) Be there when it counts, and make it easy for your audience.

(2), (3) Make it easy for your audience. Also think about who your audience is (or who you would like it to be?) to begin with.

(4) Make yourself attractive to your audience. May also go under "make it easy for your audience".

(5) Engage with your audience??? - maybe

Also: "audience" has to be replaced with "gatekeepers/deciders between you and your audience" as applicable.

Depending on the context, you may not want to make nice with the gatekeepers, and then none of this will work. But in the academic conference/journal context that's almost always not the case.

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