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Given that the federal monies are not mined from a magical fountain but come from taxes collected in the various provinces, most of the transfer, especially for Tier I provinces,is merely taxes collected in your own juridiction and given back with strings attached.
Only Tier II provinces, all of them samall and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, receive something significant. What Tier I receive is now mostly a small compensation for their industrial economy being harmed by the oil curse.
Which give rise to the toxic political meme of "(Select your favorite richer province) pays for (select your most despised slightly-less rich province)".

> it remains that at present, both as a share of federal spending and in real per capita terms

What about as a share of GDP? A federal government that cut taxes and its own program expenditures would maintain per-capita transfers and increase transfers as a share of federal spending, but it would not represent any increased commitment to provinces. I'm guessing that from the strong mark-1-eyeball correlation between figures 2 and 3 that this is not the dominant story, but it would be nice to be sure.

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