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The partisanship of CBC News in this election campaign has been a thing to behold. The CBC has essentially turned itself into an Anybody But Harper propaganda machine, particularly, but far from exclusively, their flagship TV public affairs show Power & Politics. When the 2015Q2 GDP estimates came out, one would have expected that Power & Politics, if it were to compare Canada’s economic performance to the rest of the G-7, to show something that would mimic StatCan’s own analysis, showing both quarterly and annual rates of change for 2015Q2. This would have looked something like this:
Country Growth Rate
2015Q2/2015Q1 2015Q2/2014Q2
US 0.9 2.7
UK 0.7 2.6
Germany 0.4 1.6
Canada -0.1 1.0
France 0.0 1.0
Japan -0.3 0.9
Italy 0.3 0.7

As one can see, Canada was right in the middle for G-7 countries in its annual growth rate, not so bad considering we were the only G-7 country that was hard hit by the oil price drop. Even if one looks at the quarterly change we did better than Japan and were within rounding error of the French growth rate. Rather than showing such a chart, P&P showed the 2015Q1 and 2015Q2 quarterly growth rates of all G 7 countries, quickly making the point that Canada was the only country to experience de clines in both quarters and not, of course, wasting any time pointing out that Japan lost as much output in 2015Q2 as we did in 2015H1.
The P&P host Roseanne Barton also sneered at the 0.5% growth in real GDP in June. She is either so clueless that she actually believed it was much inferior to the plus-2.0% growth the DOF had forecast for 2015H2 or she wished to mislead the viewers into believing this was so. The DOF forecast is an annualized growth rate. The 0.5% growth rate for June is equivalent to a 6.2% annualized growth rate, far stronger than the DOF forecast rate.

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