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I am very surprised at how low the number is for Mulcair. I thought that Mulcair's followers would be younger, more urban, educated, etc., and would be more likely to use this trendy hip new-fangled Twitter thing. Am I just so totally out of date that they have moved on to something even trendier? Or is Mulcair (or his Twitter-handler) just not very exciting at tweeting?

Given that Duceppe seeks followers only in french QC (in the West Island and ROC, if you could be an anti-follower, I am sure he would get some), the 86000 translate into almost 350K. Given that Twitter is less popular among francos than anglos, I just wonder what it might mean...

I just did a quick check on @pmharper. 7% of his followers are "fake", and 63 are "inactive", meaning that are totally disengaged from anything comes down the pipe, and probably have been for years. twitter followers is highly suspect data, as is social media data in general. Yes, you can do some powerful analytics with twitter, but followers ain't it.

Generally, I suspect that social media analytics is a black art that only practitioners who do it full time really understand. Lost of smoke and mirrors IMO.

Nick Rowe, you instincts are correct, twitter's not cool with the kids, and much less Facebook. It's all about Instagram these days. ;)

Obama had a superior internet campaign to H.Clinton in 2008. Both S.Harper and Obama had the best grassroots campaigns recently, but IDK if Twitter matters much. It would be nice if the United States gave the 3rd party a Cabinet appointment. his would introduce some dynamism into their system.
If I set up a site or consultancy here, it would include decided voters analysis. Maybe brain waves could be integrated into a political product as a sticker or hair berette/band.
Mrs Obama is big on veggie gardens and Prince Charles likes organics. I'd like to see gvmt subsidies and cooking shows devoted to cooking insects and forest type products such as inner pine bark.
I suspect a big problem with Twitter is that you can't explain your policies. I'm understanding why Law is such a political career: good logic and public speaking.

I tend more towards following the parties that I don't like so I can be aware of the ways in which that devious party is brainwashing their loyal followers.

It is entertaining (and at times disheartening) to then see these talking points mindlessly reiterated in discussion boards, where people then talk total BS but think they are playing trump cards.

If there are a lot of people like me, then probably your indicator won't work very well.

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