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The wall should be constructed of compacted snow.

You could build it out of the bricks that pass for policy ideas from the Republican candidates. Seriously,is this all some sort of elaborate put-on by John Steward?

Well I think that a wall is a great idea! Its going to keep the Zombies armies out of Canada, 'cause if we built it they will come. Secondly, when President Trump decided to invade Canada, because "its really our oil", the wall will slow them down just a bit. As I contemplate the GOP primaries over a cold one, I wonder why Canada's political season is so boring. Thanks to America we have a bountiful load of crazies to entertain us all. Good bless America, God bless Citizen United -- without all these billionaire nut jobs to finance this wide range of crazies summer would be so very very boring.

I'm thinking the wall may be more useful in keeping out the herds of American refugees fleeing the prospect of President Trump. Come to think of it, that's probably how he'll get Mexico to pay for their wall too.

I'm looking forward to the Republican National Convention. The moment when Ashton Kutcher rips off his Donald Trump mask and tells the crowd they've been Punk'd will be priceless.

In some respects this is the perfect 'shovel-ready' project. The border exists and by agreement must be maintained such that it is always visible. Of course in all other respects it is completely insane or just an example of Poe's law in action https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law

I just want this to be a private-public partnership, so I can get the advertising space rights for the whole wall and get rich. Imagine the demand there must be to put billboards along the Saskatchewan-Montana border.

@Bob, The moment when Ashton Kutcher rips off his Donald Trump mask and tells the crowd they've been Punk'd will be priceless." ... Yes, yes, it will!

@Nicolas, "I wonder why Canada's political season is so boring." ... and you guys were showing some real signs of life there with Rob Ford... what happened??? Somebody really dropped the ball (missed the slap-shot?) up there. Tell you what, you want to trade? We'll send Ted Cruz back for him.

I don't see a problem with this idea. People like walls. It's been great for Chinese tourism. Pink Floyd's "The Wall" remains one of the biggest selling albums of all time. Walls are clearly good business.

And as cultural icons, walls are great. There's the Berlin Wall, Hadrian's wall, the walls of Jericho. Build Walker's Wall, and in two thousand years the children of our alien overlords will be learning about Governor Walker and his wall.

We shouldn't be too smug. If we didn't have the US as a buffer state, we might be building a wall ourselves. We let in a lot of people, but are rather picky about who we let in, and like to feel it is under our control.

True, but the history of big wall building suggests that they're not great at keeping people out (or in, as the case may be) - The Great Wall, Hadrian's Wall, the Walls of Jericho and, ultimately, the Berlin Wall, all failed in that regard. And while one could argue that the Berlin Wall worked for 30 years, unless you're willing to staff your wall with battalions of machine-gun toting bureaucrats (to use one of Len Deighton's better lines), land mines and motion triggered machine guns, that's hardly a great precedent. The Europeans have a moat(the Meditteranean) that's - what? - 100 miles wide, and it doesn't seem to be working for them. The First Nations had a moat (the Atlantic) that was a few thousand kilometers wide, but that didn't work too well for them either.

@Bob, agree 100%. The wall version of what's happening in the Mediterranean is coming soon. Strap your children onto a drone that you purchased a Future Shop, and hop over the wall to Canada.

What's happening in Europe is truly a horrific tragedy, but who is to say that equal risks will not be taken by Americans if they run out of water in the next 30-40 years (which they will). You'll need some crazy wall to keep thirsty people away from our pristine lakes.

Obviously Trump should pay for the fence. Especially as it does not matter who pays for it. ;)

Should keep Ted Cruz out ;)

I asked about whether Ben would be an okay president. He is a neurologist or surgeon and my post smart-friendship most identified knowledge field was brain sciences. They said he was an example of a person who would be a good advisor but not a good president. He hasn't studied politics at all.
Bob, the walls you mentioned all worked well. We will always have a higher standard of living than Americans. We were founded by immigrants that respected good gvmt and knowledge. They got some Scottish Enlightenment and Loyalists, but also Italian immigrants that didn't understand commerce, and slavery, and a dislike of (UK) gvmt. The wall would keep them out of Canada.

...the said being a CEO was not a gone CV for USA President. I was wondering about the computer CEO. I suppose how aggressively he lobbied for computer R+D is of greater primacy. If he directed USA policy towards good gvmt, and good checks on power, and used future computers and foreign policy to sensor for AI projects, this is much better than increasing GDP by supporting unrestricted computer R+D over the decades/generations that leads to AI.

"At 2 million dollars per kilometer (Israel-Gaza pricing), you are probably looking at about 18 billion dollars. "
The cost of the fence is the real resources used to create it ;)

So, I was thinking liquid water and CO2 CCS will probably work in some geologies. It is a result of fake plastic trees, Klausner's. But this weekend I got anti-bioterror blueprints for among other things, a 1nm gold, 1-2 mm think kernmantle I think, middle layer, and I think 1mm copper inner layer facing the 12 Monkeys colony or zoo. So, my lobby positions for oil are in flux...

Most existing CCS R+D is for CO2 gas. It looks like liquid water mixed with CO2 is superior. It appears (often a few papers mention a bit about liquid water and CO2) it is more likely the liquid will go to the bottom or at least not diffuse to the highest impermeable barrier. I am worried the CO2 will outgas from the water. When Americans start using utilitarianism, they can have banks and the oil industry fund fake plastic trees. Ideal is a carbonate geology where 1/3 looks safe to turn into rock. Desert springs away from fault lines appear to be the best water source; IDK how pure Klaus's water source needs to be. That hermetic seal is a universal seal. In 200 yrs we could use silver and shoot neutrinos or something like that at the silver nanoparticles to make them usable as such.
The (if it is) kernmantle is the toughest part. Some materials science genius is going to have to figure out how to get it into a thin textile or whatever you call this seal. That is why I wish the oil industry and the SUA banks would disarm their present lobby path and focus upon petro chemicals and a long-term prosperous society for their grand grandkids, instead of the next earnings report. I got where I am in part by matching wits with animals elements and insects for my very survival. They earnings shortfall is endurable: you can do it CEOs!
After a pathogen reaches the copper last line of defense (and is structural support), go to emergency tents or Mars colony type structures; unless you didn't tax enough to invest in such mostly gvmt R+D. And wait for robots to repair and decontaminate. This suggests to me a hospital decontamination robot (this counts as infrastructure in provincial hospitals at least) is a large industry in the future...
The principle of Responsible Government is the reason we went to war right away. And when a risk occurs that existing an Party is unable to even understand, an election is all that is needed.
On a tech roll: they are suggesting a phased CCTV or perhaps housing option. Any sort of outburst is able to be sensored for. Then look closely for mentally ill signs. A brain sensor is an ideal may to prevent murder, but looking for shouting in more realistic in the next few years. Being loud/erratic isn't a crime, and maybe shouldn't trigger arrest for other things, but it is a prelude to crime and this crime can maybe be stopped by police. There are many grey areas esp domestic violence.

...If the plastic is attacked, either add a disinfectant or a disinfectant followed by more plastic. People will be always monitoring the hermetic seal from inside the habitat. This is the future if we keep taxes low. I'm expecting stuff like insect drone policy and zombies that have the ability to engineer and/or operated engineered equipment but lost all morals (Quebec was mocked for preparing for this future junkie scenario). Sex will be fun as gene therapied selves (A 2nd cell membrane that controls pathogens flows in and out) because we will have drugs that make sex even better than now even if our skin looks different.
Apparently will be horrified enough to moderate me because is a moron about fiscal policy and makes a living off lobbying for low tax rates.

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