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Thanks for this -- I'm surprised I haven't seen the data presented in this way before. Looks like Ontario is the big outlier here, having been the most dramatic beneficiary over the last 15 years.


It would be nice to go earlier and try to factor education out, with health care to increase federal funding shortly. I'm studying succeeding ponds into carbon-rich peat bogs. That is mostly the northern parts of many provinces. In part because of civil defense (even though it has been suggested to me preventing a disaster is more important), I'm liking building up some northern Territories infrastructures. I'm looking into edible lichens but will likely settle for lichen stores to feed farmed caribou. I think the Territories should be represented separately. Their Northern Demographic represents cities that take in immigrants and is often Provincial gvmt heavy.
Trying to figure out if subways are good civil defense infrastructures...
Bombardier, an example I'm aware of, expects to recoup an annual earnings bonus around 5% of their market cap in 2017. It has been mentioned manufacturing (and other analogous sector players classified as a different sector) hasn't come back yet but maybe some subsidies now could pay off in two years.

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