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Well Steve, on the public finances side they stopped the Financial Management System in 2009 and replaced it with the Governemt Finance Statistics but only aggregate numbers for GFS are available and back to only 1991. Separate province level numbers were not available the last time I checked which was Fall 2014. It makes for some very truncated government revenue and expenditure series.

In an email two years ago, they told me that not to worry; the GFS was going to be *even better.*

'Told me same thing. 'Waited 5+ years for them to adopt the 2001 (or is it 1999? It's late...) COFOG, but was assured that road infrastructure wouldn't be rolled up into "Economic Development" or whatever top-level aggregation it falls under. Then, "surprise!" we can't release road spending, it's far too detailed... GRRRR.

A former colleague of mine mentioned that he recently asked whether an old series that ended in 1997 covered total exports or domestic exports, and was told by the survey analyst that they didn't know, since they hadn't worked there that long! (Honest! True story!).

No concordance given for new CAPEX release vs old categories, even though it appears quite straight-forward to do (take out exploration, since it goes to IP in new SNA). Back-casting exercise a joke (0$ in pipeline investments in 2006???). Time series for CAPEX machinery and equipment numbers missing 1998-2012... The CAPEX survey has been run since the 1940s... an accessible time-series would paint a rich portrait of the rise and decline of industries and assets over time. Shame.

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