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Interesting numbers for Calgary and Edmonton. With the increase in population one would expect a build out of schools, hospitals, libraries. Are those types of buildings included as "institutional"?

I believe schools, hospitals and the like would fall under institutional/governmental.

Kathleen: you'd expect schools and hospitals, but they're few and far between, particularly the schools. Schools here are overcrowded and falling apart. Some of the hospitals, too, but at least there's a few shiny new ones to balance the ones that are falling apart.

Alberta suffers from gross incompetence in the provincial government level, and is pretty much just catching up with all the things that didn't get built in the Klein era (since balancing the budget was much more important), let alone all the things that our most recent boom has made necessary.

Livio -
I used to work with these classifications, and you are right to say that schools and such are government/institutional.
It's important to note that the permits data do not cover roads, transmission lines and other networks, nor do they cover dams, bridges, mines, seaports and other engineering works. These non-building assets are a significant part of overall fixed capital investment, or capex.

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