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Interprovincial migration also has important effects. Here in New-Brunswick we have over 10% unemployment. Alberta has 4%. We have high emmigration of those trying to find a job or start a career. The most productive segment of society is leaving us.

However, provincial debt is around 15k per person in NB (compared to AB's 3k surplus) and it doesn't follow you when you move. Therefore every time a family of four moves to AB they leave behind 60k in provincial debt for the rest of us to pay. This means higher debt per capita ( and likely per GDP ) and money that was spent educating our population benefits Albertans instead of New-Brunswickers.

Wow. I had been vaguely aware of the Canadian wave of migration to the US around that time, but not of its scale. That really is an interesting counterfactual

Well Steve, one has to wonder about the many Canadas that might have been. Counterfactuals have a way of highlighting the alternate roads not taken.

Benoit: which is one reason why equalization payments are not "payments to moochers". They are a vital complement to manpower mobility.

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