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Key quote:

"..the less economically diversified resource-producing periphery provided the first indicators the world economy was slowing during this time period as the demand for their inputs into more diversified economies slowed.."

Which is why Newfoundland hit so hard. In 1929 they were in trouble; in 1933 the Commission of Government was instituted under threat of debt default.

I'm learning why Valour Rd produced 3 Victoria's Cross recipients and why Intrepid was from Wpg.
Wpg was a booming city turn of the century, due to the railroad. Very similiar to Vancouver during the Great Depression and their Stimulus-programme spending Premier. Both produced off the charts Victoria Cross numbers. Both had Scottish Enlightenment immigrant roots as well as receiving nearby unemployed population immigrants. The latter is key. People felt the bad times and knew how good the good times were. Sociology explains this. Immigrants from dead towns and cities told others how good the gravy train was. People felt proud. Wpg had a strong sense of community too. My understand here is a little weak. People basically outdid eachother trying to prove how respected their cities should be. Athens produced something very similiar during the dawn of rationality, but it was too Blue blooded, to prejudiced against outsiders. The Scots produced this in their respect for education, basically GERD education (military apps excepted from R+D) compared to warring Europe. Scotland drew Europe's best and brightest. Athens drew the brightest of the known world (to witness theatre). Wpg drew unemployed and already well educated people. Vancouver was one of the only Stimulus spending regimes during the Great Depression. The Valour Rd trio were all friends of friends of friends, unknowingly willing to die bravely because they knew they represented a superior system. Orange County is similiar in that the electronics induastry itself is inheritently creative.
This can be used, but I'm not sure whether you try to engender, shock-researchers, shock-leaders, shock educators...it would be nice to have good Census Stats from these eras.

Another pt: in all 4 cases the initial stimulus for efficiencies was planned public or private. The King of England built four Scottish cities. Athens arts and logic schools were funded by booty. Later the Roman Empire degenerated when the booty instead funded Rome lobbying by dumb officials: Soviet cronyism. Wpg was planned as maybe the biggest rail hub on Earth, probably as part of the use it or lose it scheme of settling the West. Later, Vancouver benefited from port expansion with the Panama Canal opening, and by Keynesian Premier. Even with Orange County, the electronics industry pre-WWII was bolstered into a computer power by WWII USA demand for calculators able to figure munitions trajectories.
In the future, the funding for 22nd industries will likely come from a wise 21st century player.

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