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SK got oil due to arbitrariness of the provincial boundaries. Otherwise, it still would be a purely agricultural region, where fast increasing productivity combined with low income elasticity of demand would make it a population-emptying area ( though still with a good lont-run income per capita).
And what would happen to our statistics if the west had beeb divide into north and south provinces instead of east (SK) and west (AB) same situation with the Dakotas...

Odd that the stories I saw in the news are all about how the west is decimating the Atlantic provinces yet the bigger story is Ontario's continued and increasing domination of Canada.

Perhaps I am stepping on a landmine, but how much of this is tied to the ability of each province to attract and retain immigrants?

"Almost two-thirds of Canada's population - and by extension most of its economy - now resides in only three of its provinces. "

But this was almost always the case - Ontario, Quebec and B.C. Or do you mean something else?

Almost two thirds now resides in Ontario and the two western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The remainder is spread out amongst the other seven with the largest concentration in Quebec.

QC is definitely not "most of the other seven". QC and ON form a rather integrated unit.

Good point Jacques. I just fished that comment out of spam - got your message. By the way, e-mail is usually a quicker way of getting hold of me. all the best. Livio.

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