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The other interesting question is what is Waterloo doing differently, and can that be replicated elsewhere?

What is also interesting is that U of Waterloo and WLU have such different performances in terms of their debt and yet are in the same community.

Livio - how are your demographics at Lakehead? The potential base of university students is very much concentrated in the GTA. So I would figure Windsor, say, is in worse shape than those numbers suggest, because its neither in the GTA, nor attractive enough to be a destination university for middle class kids looking for a nice lifestyle choice - Guelph seems to be doing well in that later niche right now.

Interesting. Those are big differences in debt/income ratios.

Just a hunch: maybe a lot of universities' long-term debt was used to finance income-earning assets like student residences. We can imagine two otherwise identical universities, except that one borrows money to buy/build a student residence, where the rents it collects from the students pays the mortgage, and the other lets its students rent off-campus accommodation. We can't really say that the university that owns the residences plus the debt is in worse shape financially.

If my hunch is right, universities with the highest debt/income ratios would also have the highest income/student ratios, since they get rental income from students as well as tuition fees and BIUs (vouchers) from the Ontario government.

Good question Frances. The region immediately around Lakehead is aging and high school have closed over the last decade. Not sure what the demographics are like around Orillia which saw a large capital expansion. Orillia is close to Barrie/the GTA.

For 2011, total revenue per enrolled student was highest for: Queen's, McMaster, Toronto, Western, Guelph & Ottawa U. It is the lowest for Brock, WLU, OCAD, UOIT, Nipissing & York. Its total revenues so revenues from research grants and contractsas well as sales of goods and services and investments is also factored in.

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