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Perhaps a basic question, but why use a 5 month moving average--wouldn't that leave subsantial seasonality unadjusted for vs 12 month MA?

Answered it myself: the figures are already seasonally adjusted.

Livio: don't tell it to The Gszette...
This being said,maybe one benefit of no longer being a `` world class city`` is that you are no longer subject to the fads of foreign investors.

Wow, what a great segue! How dare you say that Jacques! ;)

I just got back from Montreal, I spent an absolutely wonderful weekend at the NPD Convention in Montreal as a delegate for my Riding. I haven't been to Montreal since 1987 and haven't been outside Central Station since 1983. So it was in reality my first visit.

Dear God, I think I'm in love. The sights, the sounds, the architecture, the people, the culture, the language, the FOOD!!! I made the pilgrimage to Schwartz's and was delighted to have breakfast at a wonderful restaurant in the ground level of my hotel which was called Eggspectation. A perfect breakfast at a very reasonable price.

I have now been to both Toronto and Montreal and have come to the realization that Toronto is a dump. Seriously people, it sucks.

On a final note, be glad you didn't buy an observer pass to the NPD Convention, Stephen. The NPD, contrary to our reputation, strictly enforces Robert's Rules on the floor of Plenary. Delegates get desks by tradition, while by policy Observers are confined to a roped-off area at the back of the convention hall. Observers are not allowed on the Convention Floor itself as this might interfere with voting. I guarantee you would not have enjoyed yourself. Stick with CPAC, it's better.

As long as TO proclaim itself to be world-class, you know it isn't . Real alphas don't crow.
TO, to me, still look like a better managed and cleaner Phoenix or Atlanta. Though ,thank heavens, it's no longer competing with Salt Lake City.
Montreal is like Copenhagen or Stockholm. Not at the forefront of power but big and rich enough to afford a lot of amenities while free enough of the power struggles to enjoy them.

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