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Livio - Neat. What would that graph look like in terms of real per capita GDP, rather than growth rates? The nice thing about doing it in terms of real per capita GDP is, like ripples on a pond, one would expect it to go out over time, and then if it didn't, you'd notice something was odd...

That is a good suggestion Frances. Will take a look.

Just another note, what is interesting about the real per capita GDP star chart is that it "points west".

Oh, I like this format very much. Very cool indeed.

There's something intuitively fetching about the GDP per capita chart - it shows the size (and shape) of Canada's economic "pie".

Radar charts should be a standard format in federal Finance reports, Budget documents and Interprovincial comparisons generally.

"Here is what the Maple Pie looks like this year..." :)

Gov't spending as a percentage of GDP by province? Are Alberta's costs really out of whack if you use this approach?

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