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Just wanted to pass this on: TVO tonight (theagenda.tvo.org) is doing a segment on Ontario's economy and the role of the dollar in light of Dalton McGuinty's recent comments on oil and the value of the dollar. The segment is:

March 8, 2012
Western Gain, Eastern Pain? And, a Great Lakes Governor

Dalton McGuinty was clear: a lower dollar is preferable to a strong Canadian oil sector. The Agenda examines the petro-dollar and Ontario's sagging economy. And, the other Pat Quinn - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn - sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss opportunities for Ontario.

It would be nice if Canadian companies could catch a rising US tide, but some will be excluded by protectionism. GO Transit is buying Idaho locomotives and Calgary Transit is buying light rail cars from California, but railcars from Bombardier Thunder Bay would be shut out from almost all passenger rail contracts in the US.

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