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Frances is writing really popular posts.

Slantendicular - the "most commented on" list would be entirely different, and totally dominated by Nick. Stephen usually does a "most read" list, too, which will probably be dominated by Nick also.

So, yes, this is a vanity project!

Well, here you go. Frances, you have 2 of the top 3, and 3 of the top 5.

eta: And 4 of the top 6, come to that.

Stephen: and still there are people who call WCI Nick's or Stephen's blog...
Anyway , if we had time to read ,like and comment everything we'd wish, there would be a lot of ties in first place.

The reason for doing these lists is so that people can go back and catch up on some interesting posts they might have missed, and so that people new to the blog can read the 'greatest hits' of the past.

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