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If the original article is correct, its not even substituting capital for labour, its substituting labour for "petty cash". If I've read this right total cost is a one time fee of $200.00. although you have to admit that lots of DJs really have inane shatter. the real development will be to creat a DJ that can "read" the news and give a particular "slant" so that you can have your "hot" virtual DJ for FoxNews as you can for MSNBC.

Maybe SunTV can use this too, after all they don't have an audience, so may as well not have any talent either!

It gives a totally new meaning to hang the DJ doesn't it?

The first link didn't work for me. :(

I really think that economists need to think more about artificial intelligence. I don't see any reason to think that we will never see things that can actually replace humans in planning, decision making, manipulating things, and all the functions that still require humans in our economy.

There is a line which will, I am convinced, be crossed sometime. Someday, someone will build a robotic system, give it its own plans, and tell it to build more robots like itself. It will be able to handle all aspects of this. Think about the implications.

Human labour will become worthless. This absolutely does not have to be a disaster, but it could become one if we insist on trying to run our economy the way it runs now.

Link fixed. Apparently Alan Cross updated the entry (and changed the title, thus changing the URL). The new entry contains a reference to the DJ 3000! (see above)

Paul - see this post by Nick Rowe Of horses and men

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