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Just read the chat dialogue. Quality questions and quality answers. thanks!

Reminds me of Onion article: 'Economists Gently Suggest American Manufacturing Maybe Start Again With Something Simple Like A Ball' http://www.theonion.com/articles/economists-gently-suggest-american-manufacturing-m,20529/

"One issue that comes up again and again is the high and fluctuating loonie, which is an issue, unfortunately, that the government can do very little about"

I would disagree - the high and fluctuating loony is mainly because of energy exports, and the fluctating price of oil. our albertan PM obviously is quite happy to see us become even more dependent on energy exports.

the bank of canada could act to do something about this by printing money and buying foreign currency/bonds - but they are far more paranoid about inflation than i am. similarly, if we had large sovereign wealth funds, instead of the puny alberta heritage funds, then they could offset some of the high oil revenue by simulateously making investments outside of canada - selling $Canadian in effect to buy assets.

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