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You might like Google Insights (similar to Trends with more eye-candy):


For example:



Patrick, thanks.

Google insight comes up with India and UAE as the top sites for husband wife jokes searches, also wife jokes etc, with other countries barely registering.

I have to think the UAE results are partly driven by Indian migrant workers there. Because there's nothing coming from other Arabic countries.

Google insight also picks up related searches. One thing that makes the US looks so low is that the most popular search term there seems to be 'marriage jokes' not 'husband wife jokes'

I notice a spike in the "joke" searches in the first quarter of every year (2nd chart). Is that Valentine's Day or April Fools??

Shangwen - focussing on the US only, the trend looks like this: http://www.google.com/trends?q=joke&date=all&geo=us&ctab=0&sort=0&sa=N

I took a look at the .csv file behind those trends, and it looks as if the spike happens around Mar 28th - so April Fool's, not Valentine's...

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