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Congrats Stephen. I always get a kick out of seeing the Parliament Buildings. I don't care how often I go to Ottawa, I never get tired of looking at them.

I watched the event on the CBC's website. I'm disappointed really; a tax credit for children's art programs, for all love!?! I'm sick and tired to retail, boutique tax credits to bribe potential middle-class Tory voters. It's pathetic. I'd gladly give up the Transit Tax Credit, and that's one I actually benefited from.

Oh well, it's not like these plans aren't subject to change. Election ho! And we'll be doing this all again in September.

I appreciate your efforts to keep a carbon tax and gst hikes in the discussion.

History will favourably group you under the heading 'a few lonely voices...'

So, 2011 budget is:
a) Bullshit
b) Wishfull thinking
c) Both
d) others, explain in less than four words ......................................


My question is: can a $1,000 per year figure skating program be divided into a $500 per year fitness (the skating part) program and a $500 art (the balance, the line, the artistic expression) program?

The federal deficit in 2013-14 according to Flaherty: $9.5 billion. How much a carbon tax of $30/ton would raise in 2013-14 according to Policy Alternatives: $9.5 billion.

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