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I wonder if Mark has any predictions on how the TSX will perform in 2011?

If I find time tomorrow, I will do a post for 2011 forecasts, and hope that Mark re-appears. I still can't get over how accurate he was.

Here is how the real pros did (based on Oct/Nov 2009 forecasts). Forecasts are end of Q42010. No TSX forecast available.

CPI Unemployment CAD/USD BOC Rate
TD 1.6 8.9 0.93 0.75
Scotia 2.1 n/a 1.03 1.50
RBC 1.7 8.5 0.97 1.25
CIBC 1.6 8.7 1.00 0.25
BMO 1.7 8.3 1.00 1.00
Bank of Canada 1.6 n/a n/a n/a

Just eyeballing it, I think the amateurs fared a lot better (and without the hefty price-tag).

hmmm...damn the formatting came out weird.

Thanks Brendon. Man, those banks were pessimistic on unemployment. They were good on the exchange rate though.

Brendon: That's great stuff! You wouldn't happen to have a chart of their predictions for 2011?

I do, I'll post it in the 2011 forecast thread.

WCI, I know you're all waiting for my (99.99% probability of being wrong) numbers, but I'm swamped at work after the long break and need to think about this a little.

For the record I'm a public sector macro forecaster ;)

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