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That reminds me: I must do another post about the Fed, and stop writing about the Bank of Canada. Our citation index will slip otherwise.

If they can't do it properly, why have senior administrators evaluating faculty? Don't they have better things to do?

Here's something I've wondered for a while: when the time comes to evaluate performance (tenure or full professorship) why don't candidates submit, in addition to their package, the annotated CV of another professor elsewhere who was promoted to the desired rank. For example, if I'm going for tenure at UBC and administrators don't know how to read my CV, but they see that someone with the same output was promoted at UofT a couple years ago, it's informative.

Of course one might say the candidate would ''game'' the process by submitting the weakest possible promoted CVs, but administrators would anticipate this and see the accompanying CVs as a ''lower bound'' for tenure (or full professorship).

Looks like you are describing the Matthew effect to a tee.

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