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Hooray for worthwhile perhaps Canadian Worthwhile Canadian Initiative commentators who show initiative for commentating

I get non-economists getting confused between complementary and complimentary, but you?

Good work on the blog and nice that you are reading the comments and taking suggestions :)

Why do you still use a credit card that charges that high a rate of interest?

Or do you actually pay it off every month?

Vivi - Plainly the subscriptions will "complement" their work as referees.

Jim, we're what people in the business call "deadbeats" - we pay the card off in full every month, and collect the cash rebates/free airline tickets etc. We have a home equity line of credit at close to prime for unexpected expenses.

Sorry about the spelling everyone! Proof once again that the way to generate lots of comments is to do something wrong.

Thank you Just Visiting from Macleans - your prediction that the on-line pieces will eventually move into the print edition was correct. The print edition of the Report on Business is starting up a "Best of the Blogs" feature.

My inspiration was Karnak the Magnificent.


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