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Congrats on the five-year mark! I definitely enjoy reading this blog and joining in the policy debate sometimes. It's nice to see the traffic numbers have been taking off, as the blog is an interesting read and a good service to Canadians with an interest about economics. Keep up the good work!

"You can use the comments section to offer suggestions about design, features you'd like to see added, topics you'd like to see covered, and other related miscellany."

And also to give thanks to you, Nick, Frances and Mike for taking the time to do these posts? Thanks! I doubt you guys get much renumeration for doing these.

I've been following you guys for under a year, but I always enjoy what is written here (even if a lot of it is way over my head, I've only taken "Intro to Econ"). In my opinion, this blog, and "Dash of Insight" are the two most level-headed blogs on Finance/Economics.

Man, those first couple of years must have been tough, Stephen. You did really well to hang in there, and make the investment, for the rest of us to benefit from.

Funnily enough, I was just this morning looking back over my old posts, from nearly 2 years ago, to see to what extent my views had changed, and how much of my old stuff would make me cringe now. Part of an unfinished "where did I get things wrong" re-examination of my beliefs.

Congrats on the milestone. And for broadening the appeal of the site through different authors/topics/point of view.

One suggestion for improvement. How about adding a link for blog author in your categories list down the side? It'll help me search next time I argue with Moffatt. :)

Happy birthday!

Contrary to the impression that might be conveyed by my comments ... I love your blog!

Happy B-day!

Congrats Stephen! As someone who's been reading since that flat part near the left of the chart, I'm impressed and pleased with the growth in this blog. I think you can also take a bow for your contributions to the national discourse. Your census posts I think actually had a significant effect on the debate. Here's hoping you can help to inject some reality (or even some critical thinking) into the media narrative during the next election.

Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary. I have also been one of the few who have been reading this blog in quite a long time. The kind of quality discussion that is posted here is something that had been lagging in Canada. I am very happy that the blog was able to take off and reach a much larger audience. Again, congratulations and keep up the good work.


I made you Gordon, and I can destroy you!

Yeah, but now I have backup.

Is there a way to get RSS feeds for an individual post's comments?

Hey, that was easy - it's done! There's a link at the top of the comments section.

"Yeah, but now I have backup."

Oh no... I really hope this doesn't turn into some kind of West Side Story thing. Mainly because I can't dance. Plus I don't want to see Wherry or Wells dance either.

Anyhow, thanks for the 5 years everyone! I asked to join this blog because I believed it is providing an incredibly valuable service. Still do. And we really do have the best commenters. Yes, including you 'Just visiting from Macleans'.

Err.. 'believed it *was*'

Congratulations - as a devoted fan of Indie-rock, my temptation is to accuse you of "selling out" or "going mainstream" so I can make myself feel superior to others by saying things like, "I used to read WCI when it only had 5 hits a day".....but alas I can't since you've only gotten better with age and traffic. Kudos on the milestone!

What a pleasure. You seem to have cornered thought provoking posts.

Well done guys - in my too-long-to-read-consistently list of blogs, this is one of the half dozen whose new articles I always visit. Despite never having visited Canada and having no direct involvement in its economy, I find the topics mostly interesting, and always interestingly analysed. I have learned a ton from Nick in particular, with his great modelling style and enlightening thought experiments.

After 2 years of blogging with up-and-down traffic levels, it's reassuring and inspiring to see one of my favourite blogs having achieved the level of influence (and traffic) it deserves. Maybe one day I'll be able to rebase my visitor numbers to an arbitrary index and imply an impressively large following...oh wait, I can do that NOW! Another econometric lesson learned from the masters.

Good job folks. Keep it up.

How do our hits compare with, say, the abstract views of a typical working paper series on Ideas?
e.g. here

Bravo! Though worthwhile, Canadian, and an initiative, it turns out to have been not boring at all.

Love this blog. I used to think the Canadian economy and politics were boring until I started readin this some months ago. Now I wish I had started reading years ago!

I get the feeling that Stephen is on his way to internet superstardom. Today its WCI, tomorrow its cameos in Russell Brand movies a la Krugman. Don't forget where you came from!!!!!

Do the numbers include views from readers? I use Google Reader and so visit the blog, yet I am still reading it. Maybe your influence and reach is greater than you think...

Actually, no. The RSS feed isn't truncated, so we don't see page views for people who use newsreaders unless they click through. I have noticed that the number of people who subscribe to our feed on Google Reader has gone from about 200 when I first started using it two years ago, to over 800 now.


Suggestion: Pace the posts. Especially the theory posts. With 4 bloggers you can frequently overwhelm at least this reader. For those of us with 'focus issues', deciding to read "Nothing" can be far too compelling a strategy on occasion.

And while it is true that some biologists are powerful secular priests who can reduce humans to 24-hour-busy all-you-can-eat pac-men, this profession is supposed to recognize the opportunity cost of time and actually understand common pool resource (CPR) exploitation problems (which I still believe escape many biologists).

Westslope - would you like to see fewer posts or shorter posts? I'd figured that one post per day was about optimal, but since there's too many anarchists in the group to coordinate, sometimes it's more than one, sometimes it's none at all.

I'd like to see more posts on financial economics, but I'm just glad this blog exists. Thanks Gordon and Nick for the Kocherlakota moment. That was one of the funniest things I've ever read.

Congratulations, You are the only, but best, Canadian blog I follow.

I'm glad your hits have increased, because as a blogger I know how strangely gratifying seeing them tick up can be, but it seems you have an influence in excess of what your hitcount would imply. I think I discovered this blog through a policy wonk living in England, Giles Wilkes, who know works for the UK Government's Business, Innovation and Skills Department.

Hopefully a little but of Canada has found its way to Westminster.

Francis: Fewer posts. Some material can be covered in a short, concise post; some of the more popular material clearly requires more than 5 paragraphs.

A more detailed, theory-intensive post may spur several days of discussions with some folks making comments of a more technical nature. A contemporary policy issue might also spur several days of discussions.

Fewer posts should in principle lead to shorter, more concise posts. That assumes bloggers intensify per post effort.

This shouldn't be like trying to get tenured faculty to stop smoking tobacco in their offices. If n=4 or some other small number, you should be able to come with up some kind of sharing rule and self-enforcing mechanism to tame the chaos. And maintain the enthusiasm.

Except that chaos is one of charms of blogging. Ideas come, we write them down and then click 'publish'. Sometimes they resonate, sometimes they don't.

TJM: "I'd like to see more posts on financial economics,.."

OK. Done ;-)

Thanks for a fantastic five years, guys. Keep up the great work.

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