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The danger of measuring the quality of posts by the number of comments - the two commentaries that I've read (Green and Milligan, Veall) are beautifully written and argued - so much so that there's nothing left to say!

Yeah, I figure that much of my future census blogging will consist of cutting-and-pasting from those articles. What else is there to say?

Hmmm..... Lisa Dillon for Prime Minister?

Can I say "Wow!" ?

It should be no surprise that the IRPP rushed out dumbed down journalistic input for public consumption on the census issue. Mel Cappe (their Prez) penned a letter on the subject lobbying the government and the whole sleazy enterprise of 'research for spin value' that is the IRPP depends on the authority of census data.

But back to Gordon. How come he didn't write about FDK himself? Why post Kevin Milligan's drivel instead? http://worthwhile.typepad.com/worthwhile_canadian_initi/2010/09/kindergarten.html
I've known Gordon to be the guy that says "To lift people out of poverty, give them money". Well here are 5 provinces doing just that and Gordon's pen doesn't move? He can only post Milligan's doubts about 'the economic benefits' of FDK, when Milligan DOESN'T EVEN NOTE the C4SE study that the Government has cited in defense of it's spending:
I think Gordon and Mike Moffat are playing too much to the ghouls at Maclean's and losing focus.
Get off Twitter guys and back to what you do best....

Frances, I just want to tell you that my offer still stands if you still need help!

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