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Dang. Only England and Wales; not Scotland...

Stephen - I've edited the post to provide clearer instructions. The cheapest way to access the Scottish census is to sign up for a 14-day free trial at ancestry.ca. Good luck!


The old Canadian censuses are readily available online and are a great source for genealogy, at least recent genealogy. One of the interesting things you can figure out is where your ancestors used to live. Sometimes two ancestors were raised on adjacent properties!

Here's an example from the 1911 census: http://automatedgenealogy.com/census11/SplitView.jsp?id=28274

Thanks for the link, Guillaume - I forgot about that.

I particularly like the 1901 census. My family is from out west, so I have to search 'territories'.

Well you opened a big can of worms here! There are many ways to reappropriate the past and redeem modernity. Is census taking, if it done unethically, the one best way? Historical records inclusive of all of us now living are not census documents. The frame of inquiry is too narrow. The conservatives, invested in reframing history because they are a power group, bring to the fore the coercive element. They tip their hand when in the same breath they announce new prisons, however this is a small point. We have to be smarter about we insist upon data transparency and media access to government files. Trust is lacking in our society. The first step is to rebuild it. "I trust the media to do this story right".

This is another issue, no problem with that.

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