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"You've Come a Long Way, Baby? Persistent Gender Inequality in University Enrolment and Completion in Canada, 1979-2004"

Ha, does that ever look dated. Fact: in 2010, seven out of every three Canadian university students are female. Kidding, but here's a real fact: for every woman incarcerated in Canada there are TWENTY SIX men. Professor Woolley, can we get a comment on record for that data point?

Seems grossly disingenuous to cherry pick areas where women demand "equality" while overlooking what appears to be a war on men. I say we "gender normalize" the criminal code and prison population - since equality is sooooooooo damned important - and if that means grabbing random women off the street and throwing them in jail in order to meet the all important goal of equality then let's do it; what say you?

Let's go one further and look at "rape equity" in Canadian prisons; women, who understand well that we just don't send women to prison in Canada, think it is hilarious that men get raped in prison. I say we delineate the parameters of a solution whereby females are incarcerated, and raped whilst incarcerated, at a rate equal to males.

Over half those men incarcerated haven't even been convicted of a crime, by the way. That's the highest rate in the world. In Canada, you go to jail first, then you get your trial, and that is not a Yakov Smirnoff joke. And women are just ticketyboo with this status quo, which, with the changing face of Canada, seems unsustainable to me.

Proper Conservative - this is a list of what people are reading. Make of it what you will.

If you're genuinely concerned about the state of Canada's prisons, here's a link to the John Howard Society. Personally I support the Elizabeth Fry Society because life isn't pretty for women in prison, either.

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