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Mmmm ... sabbaticals.

What is a sabbatical to those who are not tenured and don't have such a public pension cushion? Is it a vacation? Is it a leave of absence? A paid leave of absence? Does it lower your pension entitlement?

Not a great public blog subject. My cartoon pie charts may be more cutting. Given that you were earlier blogging from Palm Springs, the "official" first day seems rather suspect.

Sorry for being so negative, but...

JVFM - on blogging from Palm Springs - like a lot of academics, I don't stop working even when I'm ostensibly on holiday. To be a successful researcher, you have to be a little bit obsessed.

Sabbatical=20% cut in pay, no teaching responsibilities (although I'm continuing graduate supervision), and a whole bunch of research projects that I'll be talking about in the blog.

A good one, but imho the gold goes to the economic crisis flowchart:



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