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Excellent. I'm trying to remember how to add blogs to the sidebar, and I'll add it just as soon as I do.

And is Carleton turning into GMU North (at least as far as blogging goes)?

If Carleton did turn into the Northern version of GMU, it wouldn't be so bad :P

"It was Arch who set up Carleton's MA Economics program in Havana (jointly with the University of Havana), that led to me (and Frances Woolley) teaching in Havana several times in the late 1990's." -NR

Good stuff! I knew you folks were subversives, and I say that in most respectful, admiration-filled way. :-)

Please feel encouraged to talk more Cuba. BTW, I see from Ritter's web-site that Congress has just relaxed travel restrictions.

House Panel Votes to Ease Cuba Travel Restrictions
Published: June 30, 2010

Yo creo en la esperanza.

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