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Great post Kevin!

The Globe and Mail article Tories refuse to reverse census decision has garnered 1,073 comments to date.

I laugh at your pitiful attempts to use evidence to convince conservatives of anything. Evidence doesn't work against the powers of rhetoric!

This government doesn't care about evidence and it is blatantly clear from the consultations and this census debacle.

Tony Clement has a history of ignoring evidence, go and see what the doctors told him about safe injection sites.

Tony can't hear you, no matter how loud you shout. He's travelling with his buds in an awesome new Mach 2 fighter jet.

For the record crf, the F-35 can't actually do Mach 2.

Technically, the F-35 is slower (though only marginally) than our current F-18s. The F-35's max speed is Mach 1.7, whereas the F-18 can do Mach 1.8.

I think our country is finished: we spend billions on fighter aircraft that that don't go faster than the existing aircraft, we are going to spend millions more on statistical surveys than will then fail to yield the accuracy of existing surveys, we consistently elect minority governments that act as though they are majority governments, and we elect members of opposition parties that are clueless about responsible government and utterly fail to oppose, and in fact support, the aforementioned government, because they gutlessly fear electoral consequences at the hands of that same grossly manipulative minority government. And soon, they won't even be in a position to judge potential electoral consequences, because accurate riding socio-economic data won't be available, thanks to the government!

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