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Stats Canada just cancelled *their* town hall, which is unfortunate. Silver lining is the CBC's town hall is now the only game in town.

Congratulations to Dr. Munir Sheikh for doing the right thing. Very proud of him.

Agreed... Dr. Sheikh refused to compromise his integrity over this. Very proud of him indeed.

Dr Sheikh took his sweet time to refuse to compromise his integrity over this..... If he resigned because of Clement's statement about the fact that he's following StatCan advice then yes, it could be seen as an integrity issue. But if it's because, as Sheikh claims (according to media), a voluntary survey is not the same as a census, well, this resignation should have been handed the day the decision was announced, not long after (and after the media picked up the issue and the limelight ensures he looks like a hero, and he might even hope to be re-instated).

This public servant is not impressed.

I agree with the (first) another civil servant.
I think he resigned because of the discrepency with Clement's account. And I think Clement, might have forced him out?
Also he has a parting shot at Ivan Fellegi.

I was wondering if there was any case for libel here if Sheikh can prove that he did not say the things Clement said that he did. By saying a prominent statistician like Sheikh said the voluntary form would be as good does arguably defame his reputation.

Anyone know if a deputy minister can sue his minister?

Good intervention Mr. Gordon in the Census town hall.

I read on CBC about the abolition of affirmative action announced today by the Fed. government.

By abolishing affirmatives actions, Harper government are trying to "downplay" the census scandal.

Brilliant political moves by Harper...

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