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I think yours is the best Canadian blog. On any subject.

(Question: is that good or bad? I wish there was higher competition!)

I think it's bad; there are smarter voices than those here on WCI that are not being made public.

I was going to say "not being heard", but that's not quite right: they are being heard by policy-makers.

Well thank god the invisible smart people are being heard by the policy makers.  I always knew the grown ups would take care of our best interests behind the scenes.  I'm going to stop worrying now.

Où se trouve le blog québécois économique?

Or are québécois economists too busy publishing in US journals? :-)

"It's a good place to find out what other bloggers are talking about"

I really like (and used quite heavily at About) the following to find out what econ bloggers were talking about:


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