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Maybe I'm just being blindly patriotic, but that Johnson piece was total rubbish.

I don't necessarily contest their assertion that a Canadian style system is not appropriate for the US, but they certainly didn't provide a good case.

Welcome to the club, Prof. Williamson.

This leads to *another* blogger with UWO connections. Serious question: Why do so many Canadian econbloggers have UWO connections, but so few have U of T connections?

Other than Prof. Gordon, I can't think of another Canadian Econblogger with ties to U of T. But for UWO, there are the three of us at this blog, Williamson, Andolfatto, EclectEcon Palmer. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more.

Obviously the opportunity cost of time is pretty low for those with UWO degrees.

Oh snap

also your football team stinks

double snap.

"also your football team stinks"

But this is a UWO vs. U of T comparison, the latter of which lost 49 games in a row!

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