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Congratulations Stephen and Nick! I would say that both your analysis and way of expressing deserve the reward. They germinate a lot of thinking, and you could see it in the way your comment discussions take on a life of their own.


read this: tory shadow business secretary says taxes may have to be raised.

Ignatieff, or someone, should emulate these potential leaders in Britain. (Can we give up on "I believe all taxes are bad" Harper.) It's not too late for Ignatief, who's claimed he will not raise any taxes: he's vacillated on other, larger, issues, like whether to defeat the government, or form one with the ndp.

Congratulations guys, I'm pretty sure it's the analysis being rewarded.

False dichotomy. Science IS communication.

Congratulations! I certainly find it helpful. I wasn't aware that apposition referred also to the use of nouns as attributive modifiers, or have I misunderstood?

It was that 'econ literacy' bit. Which is the modifier, and which is the prize?

Congrats! Keep up the good work :)

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