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Conventional wisdom says people are more likely to vote conservative as they get older. So does the aging of the baby boom mean that we're looking at conservative governments for many years to come?

Yes. Unless all the parties move slowly rightwards at the same speed as the median voter ages!

Since Messrs Harper and Baird chose to act like children by dumping paper-based data on the PBO, I hope that the PBO has the resources to analyse and present the results in a clear manner (which the Harper government would never do). The staff of the PBO appear to be professionals who are quite capable of analysing data, and presenting the results in a meaningful way.

Presumably the PBO can catergorize the projects by status (tentative committment, firm committment, funding provided to local government or agency, money actually spent by the local government or agency). I doubt that very much spending has acutally reached the hands of individuals at this point.

It would also be interesting to get a breakdown of the nature of the project (hockey rink, sports facility, roads, railway improvements, water treatment facilities, subsidized housing, salaries of reseachers, salaries of continuing education teachers). The Harper government came up with the stimilus plan in a panic in December and January; I expect that the nature of the projects will confirm that the Harper government has no real vision for the future of this country.

They could open-source the task if there was no confidential aspects to it.

Frances: Yeah, probably. But the right is not homogeneous. A more libertarian bent might not be a bad thing. In any case, too much libertarianism is easy to fix. What I worry about is the nutty authoritarian conservatism we see in the US. Having to to endure holy roller politicians legislating morality while they're secretly spending the weekend high on 'E' while getting it on with their transgendered lover would be too much to bear.

3 boxloads isn't bad. As far as being uncooperative goes, this could have been much, much worse. One person can get through 3 boxes of data in a week, maybe a week and a half (depending on font size). Unless it's double sided.

Patrick - agreed. And I bet the age/conservatism connection is about people getting more socially conservative as they age rather than more libertarian.

Nick - on the median voter theorem - of course. Perhaps Steve needs to give the Liberals some new policy advice!

Ah, the oldest trick in the book!

I seem to remember Carney citing the stimulus as one of the factors behind the recovery, but I was always wondering how he would have been able to determine the effects of the stimulus. Maybe he was talking about monetary stimulus.

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