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I think Aidan miscounted. I count two definite economists. Both David Emerson and David Dodge have PhDs in economics.

Oil & gas is certainly well represented. Biotech is apparently the next big thing (before that it was IT, then nanotech). I suppose that's what the inevitable diversification speeches will be about. What's next? Warp drives?

AB is always going for the hail mary diversification in some fashionable sector where they have absolutely no advantage. Meanwhile, we have the kernel of a pretty good refining and chemical industry in Fort Sasketchewan (a little NE of Edmonton). We have the raw resources in the ground here, and yet we ship them to the US or elsewhere instead of keeping the value added for ourselves.

Great planning guys.

Being from Alberta myself I can't even begin to express my frustration with that Province's inability to manage the wonderful endowment, human and natural, it has at its disposal. For a population roughly that of Norway a $150 billion oil sovereign fund is nowhere to be seen (by the way, the Heritage Fund was set up about the time Norway started its own fund). I often wonder if it is the lack of political competition in the Province (it is, for all intents and purposes, a one Party Province) that has led the Provincial Government to consistently avoid seeking and expecting any sort of excellence or professionalism in devising its policies.

Rant over.

Stelmach is incompetent. I am surprised there isn't a UK photo pretending to be Alberta.

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