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Write a negative review that rips the book apart. On Amazon, a negative review can really hurt sales.

In the spirit of your readers survey, if i might, I frankly did not read the Teitel piece. I did read the comment blog and its comments tho. As someone who feels more at home in those 'crazy lefty pseudo sciences' - i even read the guardian every now and again....gasp - the piece you link to is exactly the type of piece that I find ostracizes us/you from one another (economists/other empirical soc scientists). Its dismissive tone makes clear that there is no attempt to take anything written in the column seriously.

And if the the Teitel piece is that bad - there are only so many hours in the day so i will take your word for it - why nit simply ignore or write a piece that provides an empirical or theoretical-based rebuttal as opposed to simply dumping on "the middle-class soft-brained left" who clearly never attempt to offer "tools for transforming the economy and society", rather, write "merely to massage their egos".

If that is what we are aiming for we can just as easily write about a clan remains ideologically committed to a limited number of oversimplifying yet universally-applicable commandments while we continuing to worship at the alter of an "invisible hand" if anyone thinks that adds anything. (p.s. I don't).

Every time I read that article I become convinced that it is absolutely brilliant satire. Anyhow, I posted my thoughts here:


Thanks for posting this - it made for a fun read over morning coffee.

I just bought Filthy Lucre - really enjoying it!

This has got to be satire: I mean, ''Instead, I took courses that had more relevance to real life and were of more practical use: The Idealism of Plato, Medieval Proofs of the Existence of God and The Dialectics of Hegel''

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