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Yikes! That means I have to pick up some of the slack.

In case readers are wondering, while Nick has been on sabbatical this year, all my teaching has been piled onto the winter session. As a result, Nick has been carrying the bulk of the posting load - and doing a darn good job of it, if our steadily-improving stats are anything to go by.

Down the Atlantic coast, you say...

nice! have fun! I wish I was going on a US road trip

my one tip: watch what you eat! I found it really difficult to eat decently while on the road in the states. Those giant greasy meals get really hard on you after a few days. I try to save the "big greasy" meals for local specialties like BBQ, soul-food, philly cheese-steaks, creole etc. and I try to eat healthy the rest of the time. That is easier said than done in a lot of areas, where they literally serve whipped-cream slathered fudge sundaes for dessert... at breakfast! I'd never heard of a breakfast dessert in Canada. The contemporary American diet is a real eye-opener. Subway is a lifesaver.

Nick: Happy Trails! We'll miss your posts -


Sounds like you are deliberately seeking out the crazies. Have you seen "Red Staters"?

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, for a few rounds of golf.

Compared to here, gas might as well be dirt cheap. The further south you go, the gas gets cheaper. It was close to a 1.90 per gallon in SC.

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