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We need a competition: most exciting economics blog post title ever (i.e. designed to bring in most traffic). The opposite of "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative". Maximum 80 letters+ spaces+punctuation (so it will fit).

ha ha - thanks, I have to admit to chuckling as I wrote it.

And while nosing around other econo-blogs, if anyone finds an economics blog that has these two things or wants to start them up, plz post the link:

1) A running world cloud of the top economics words in current use.
2) Past business/world/national economics newspaper policy headlines during similiar past economic periods.
Thx if anyone finds or institutes these.

I find the traffic bumps upward at EclectEcon every time I mention the Nude Women of Curling Calendar. Now, if only there were a Nude Economists calendar....

Stripped of their unsustainable scientific detachment?

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