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Would be great if comments were in the news feeds too, so they'd show up in my feed reader (right now, the whole article shows up, but comments do not)

Maybe the "About" page should include Prof. Rowe now.

I know, I know. What's up there now is the default, and I've not been able to figure out how to customise it. Sorry Nick; I spent an hour or so bashing away at it on your first day, and gave up in frustration. I'll try again...

Economists View has the titles of the last few threads of different blogs along their ticker on the right of the page. This (last two thread titles) would be a nice feature for the other economics blogs linked to here.
Be nice to get a snapshot of ABCP exposures of Iceland, USA, Canada, UK, China and subsequent unplanned stimulus packages (which is bankruptcy for Iceland). Just a few basic stats would be good to know. BIS show derivatives notional outstanding went from $50B/yr 2001 to $500B in 2007; be nice to know in what currencies these were denominated (I assume lots of Pounds and USD).


Great blog BTW.

Would be nice to see a link to the Bank of Canada web site (if it's any good).

Maybe the Fed too (which is definitely good).

Hmm. I've been thinking of adding a list of Canadian economics resources.

And just what are tags, anyway? Does anyone actually use them? How do they work? Etc?

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