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It was a good service of journalists to deliver a wake-up call. We've been hearing about the coming crisis for months but for a lot of people it's not real yet. Before they go into their annual Christmas debt, everyone should probably give thought to whether their job will survive long enough to pay it off.

I hadn't thought of it that way. Perhaps a lot of people are/were ignoring it. If so, then I take back what I said about journalists. Maybe they know their audience better than I do (as of course they should).

If you follow some of the financial floggers they've been saying the housing market is in fine shape in Canada. Can't waiver consumer confidence otherwise they won't spend.

Employment numbers for January should be interesting. Credit card defaults even more so.

Smoke and mirrors.

The mainstream media makes me angry these days. Stephen's post the other day about the Globe is a case in point (http://worthwhile.typepad.com/worthwhile_canadian_initi/2008/12/the-globe-and-mail-succumbs-to-irrational-panic.html)

My concern is that the fear mongering is having a further depressing effect on consumer confident, beyond what may be justified. We're better at spreading bad news today than at any point in history.

However, I'm a country boy too, and I just might have a friend in PEI with a ferret for sale...

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