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The green sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy and Canada is missing the boat. Layton just wants to do what has been done for every other new economic sector throughout history; jumpstart it with government cash.

Unemployment is a temporary thing - people pass through it on their way to another job. As Tapper notes, this often leads them to less well-paying jobs in another sector. When they lose/leave that job, they are no longer part of the "manufacturing unemployment" numbers. So, declining manufacturing unemployment doesn't mean workers in that sector are doing fine. I'm not sure how many of the "vanished jobs" are due to layoffs versus attrition (if you take a layoff rate of about 1.6%/a since 2002, that gives about 212K lost jobs - but I doubt that's a sensible way to calculate this).

While I take your bigger point that there

are no obvious policy reasons to support a declining sector, is this really unique to the NDP? How different is their approach to the other parties' platforms? I'm thinking, for example, of sector-specific regulations under the Tory climate change plan and sector-specific subsidies/exemptions under the Green Shift.

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